About our company

Flatmates Signco is a family owned and operated business. Situated in the heart of the King Country, Flatmates Signco has gained many respected customers since debuting in September 2006 in the back of the family shed. Now 15 years later with a new and improved building located in central business hub of Te Kuiti, Barry and Deb have expanded their knowledge and vision far beyond what they thought was once possible. Just call on in and have a chat to Barry or Deb or send us an email with your enquiry under the contact section.


Meet Barry

Barry Kyle is head of the signage & design aspect at Flatmates. He has successfully completed numerous certificates in signage & application & is able to signwrite almost anything whether it be boats for those keen fishermen, trucks, buildings, corrugated iron pictures, canvas prints, banners you name it Barry will do his best to accomplish it.

Meet Deb

Deborah Kyle is head of the embroidery, garment supply, safety, promotional products. She works her magic making logos, uniforms, personalized clothing, and generally being ‘queen bee’ around the place. We have various samples of clothing in our showroom – cheap, affordable, and can be ordered in any size/colour you need.